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Get ready for the adventure of your lifetime in Kamshet! Glide through the sky paragliding over stunning landscapes in Kamshet and Lonavala, and dive into exciting activities in Pune. Feel the excitement of soaring high and see the varied beauty of India from above. An unforgettable journey awaits you, packed with unique experiences! Learn more about the Packages we offer here-

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Bliss Joyride

10-15 Min

Weekday - Rs.3000/-

Weekend - Rs.3500/-

Photo & Videos - Rs.500/-

When you choose the Bliss Joyride, you'll be flying with a professional instructor who ensures your safety and guides you through the experience. Each ride lasts 10 – 15 minutes and as you glide in the air, you can enjoy the views of the lush landscapes and lakes below.

This tandem flight is perfect for people who want to fly smoothly and happily in the sky, enjoying the stunning views around without doing any fancy flips. It's all about feeling peaceful and enjoying the moment, which makes it a popular choice. It's safe, fun, and suitable for beginners.

  • Basic Flying
  • Beginner Friendly
  • pilot Control

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Instructional Tandem

12-15 Min

Weekday - Rs.4000/-

Weekend - Rs.4500/-

Photo & Videos - Rs.500/-

Instructional tandem paragliding in Kamshet offers a thrilling way to soar high in the sky, safely strapped in with an experienced pilot. This adventure activity allows you to fly over the beautiful landscapes of Kamshet, Maharashtra, without needing any prior paragliding experience.

Before taking off, you'll receive a brief training session on safety and the basics of paragliding. Then, you and your pilot will launch from the chosen hilltop. The pilot here handles the controls, while you enjoy the ride and the stunning scenery. It's a perfect activity for those looking to experience flying in its purest form, offering both thrill and peace.

  • Basic Flying
  • Intermediate Level
  • Person Control

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Special Acro Tandem

12-15 Min

Weekday - Rs.4500/-

Weekend - Rs.5000/-

Photo & Videos - Rs.500/-

Unlock your adventurous side with exciting acro paragliding, In acro tandem paragliding, you and the pilot perform cool acrobatic tricks in the air, like spins, swoops, and wingovers, making it more thrilling than regular paragliding.

It's safe because you're with an expert. No experience is needed and everything is taught by expert teachers, You just relax and enjoy the stunning views while the pilot does the tricks. Go beyond the usual flying experience by learning how to do amazing stunts in the air. Get ready for a heart-pumping adventure up high in the sky.

  • Acro Flying
  • Wingovers
  • Spiral
  • Ridge dancing
  • SAT


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